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Blog: Thursday, December 5th, 2019

December News!

December News

Dates to Remember:

December 2019 

  • 18th - Christmas Concert:  We have two identical shows, 9:00 am & 1:00 pm. which will last about 45 minutes.  Tickets are available in the office for free. Limit to 2 per family. Extra ones can be put on a waitlist for the day before.

  • 20th - Last day of school before the Winter Break.  Have a wonderful holiday season.

January 2020

  • 6th - First day back to school after the break.
  • 10th - Sprit Day: Super Hero Day
  • 20th - KIndergarten Registration for 2020 September
  • 30th - SOAR Assembly 11:10 am
  • 30th - Non-Instructional Day (no school)

Principal's Message

Happy December to all our Maclure Families. 

Happy December to all our Maclure Families.  It is getting cold outside and we are continuing to remind our students to DRESS FOR THE WEATHER!  We still have students who think t-shirts and shorts are proper clothing choices.  My rule is 'If I'm cold - they must be cold too'.  As we will be going outside for recess and lunch unless unsafe (i.e. windy, torrential downpour, or icy) to do so please help reinforce this message at home.

Next week is our annual Christmas concert.  Staff and students have been practicing and the excitement is building with each passing day.  Tickets are free but there is a limited number so please check with the office prior to Tuesday, Dec. 17th to keep from being disappointed.  After Tuesday tickets will be given to those on the wait list. A respectful reminder to all those attending our concerts, it is EXPECTED that our guests will stay for the entire performance and not get up and leave after their child's class has performed.  We will try and keep the concert running efficiently and within a one hour time frame so please plan your time with us accordingly.  We also ask that if you are bringing a younger sibling that you keep them seated with you the entire time.  We can not have young children crying and running around during performances.  If you are able please consider leaving younger children home so you can give your school age child your undivided attention during this short time. We know that it is going to be an exciting event and we everyone to be able to enjoy the time with us.

On behalf of the staff at John Maclure Community school I would like to  wish you and your family a restful and relaxing break.

Mrs. Fay Christie, Principal