Parking Lot Safety


Parking & Student Drop-off Expectations Document

Thank you for keeping our students safe by dropping students off in the drop-off zone in the gravel parking lot. Thanks to you all for NOT dropping students off in the lane in front of the school as it causes a hazard for students and holds up traffic trying to exit out of the school. Thank you for NOT parking on the sidewalk in front of the school or by parking in the NO PARKING zone in front of the school. We will be towing cars parked in the NO PARKING zones this year as it causes considerable danger to students and blocks areas that must be clear of cars should we have en emergency on site that require emergency vehicles access to our site. Thank you for parking in the gravel lot when picking up your children after school. This way the students walk safely down to the gravel area and do not have to dodge traffic getting to you. Thank you for not parking or stopping in the paved lot--we need those spaces for staff parking. If you have questions regarding the parking or drop-off/pick up arrangements, please contact the office.

Safety:  If your student is walking to school from the catwalk, please walk up the north catwalk adjacent to the school and enter the school yard from the front sidewalk rather than crossing the parking lot as the street enters the school. 

Neighbourhood Parking Issues

It has come to our attention that it is possible that some parents who are either parking or dropping off/picking up students before and after school have been blocking neighbourhood driveways and parking on the street in city designated “No Parking” areas. Owners of properties have complained to the school about these issues and are bringing it to the attention of the Abbotsford City Bylaw Enforcement Branch and the Abbotsford Police. If this practice continues, there is a very good possibility that anyone parking illegally will receive a ticket.

Please ensure that you are obeying signs and observing property owners’ rights when using street parking before and after school and during special school events.  Also make sure that you are keeping children safe by not allowing them to get our of your vehicles into traffic areas unsupervised by an adult.

See below some of the bylaws concerning parking.

Abbotsford City By-Laws

General Parking and Stopping Regulations

City Bylaw 21.1 No person shall Park a Vehicle:

(a) in contravention of a Traffic Control Device that gives notice that stopping, standing or parking is prohibited or restricted;

(b) in such a manner as to obstruct the visibility of any Traffic Control Device;

(c) on a Sidewalk or Boulevard; (B/L 2661-2016) CITY OF ABBOTSFORD CONSOLIDATED STREET AND TRAFFIC BYLAW, 2006 Bylaw No. 1536-2006 Page 15

(d) in front of, or within 1.5 m to either side of, a public or private driveway, or in any other manner which blocks access to or egress from such driveway;

(e) within 5 m of a fire hydrant, measured from a point in the curb or edge of the Roadway closest to the fire hydrant;

(f) on a Crosswalk or within 6 m of the approach side of a Crosswalk;