John Maclure P.A.C.

Parent Advisory Council

PAC Executive

President:  Katie LeBrun
Vice President:   
Secretary:   Kiran Boparai         
DPAC Rep:          

Fundraising Coordinator:  

The 2023/24 PAC Executive would like to welcome all our students and families to John Maclure Community School, and to the exciting year ahead.

We would also like to invite Everyone, no matter whether you have experience or not, to take part in the PAC this year -- volunteer some time helping with a committee or project; give us your comments, questions and suggestions; or just come to our monthly meetings and learn what is happening in our school!  

We look forward to meeting you!

What do we do?

Our constitution clearly outlines our aims and objectives.  Establishing good lines of communication and keeping parents informed are what we are all about.

Click here for the P.A.C. Constitution

Click here for the Executive Members Duties 

At our meetings we invite guest speakers, hear reports from our various committees, learn about school board meetings, discuss issues and concerns raised by parents, and provide resource materials on many subjects.

We also assist the school in many ways through our fundraising efforts to ensure that our children have the necessary resources available to them.

If you have any questions about the PAC please contact us through the school office 604.853.6450 or email the PAC at:

District PAC Parent Advisors Help Line

District Parents Advisors are parent volunteers who are trained to provide information or support to resolve a school-related problem.  Their purpose is to assist parents in achieving resolution.  All calls are kept confidential. 

For information or assistance call 604.857.7145.