Study Tips

Homework is Important!

Most John Maclure students are great readers. This is important for school and job success, and for enjoyment of life. For these reasons, every John Maclure student is required to read with a family member for at least 15 minutes each night. Students in grades 4 and 5 should read independently for an additional 15 minutes. Active, physical play is important, too. In order to lead a healthy life, every child needs at least 30 minutes each day. Until all of that is done, no student can say, “I have no homework tonight.”

Beyond that, homework at the K to 5 grade levels is considered a short extension of the day and the amount of homework students receive will vary from grade to grade, teacher to teacher, and day to day. Students are expected to complete homework at all times and homework should take precedence over most other activities. If a student is not able to complete his or her homework, a note from a parent should be written in the planner.